UN Demands Russia Withdraw From Ukraine: 141 Vote in Favor

• The United Nations (UN) has called for Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine.
• A vote was held where 141 countries voted in favor of the decision and 7 countries voted against it.
• South Africa’s position on the conflict is that “the principles of territorial integrity in the UN Charter were sacred, and applied in the case of Ukraine”.

UN Calls For Russia To Withdraw From Ukraine

The United Nations (UN) has called for Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine. This came after a vote where the majority voted overwhelmingly in favor of the decision. The call for a „comprehensive, just and lasting peace“ comes after the two countries have been at odds and in battle for a year now, with the UN demanding unconditional withdrawal.

Voter Turnout In The Russo-Ukraine Conflict Resolution Mission

Out of the 180 member countries of the UN, 141 voted in favor, seven voted against, and 32 were absent. Citing Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba “by voting in favor of today’s UN general assembly resolution, 141 UN member states made it clear that Russia must end its illegal aggression”. South Africa’s position in the conflict is that „principles of territorial integrity in the UN Charter were sacred, and applies in the case of Ukraine“. However, they insisted that the resolution was not value-adding to cause peace. Amongst those who abstained from voting included China and Thailand.

Thailand Abstention From Voting

Thailand’s abstinence was because it did not want to become involved in a morality play as „billions of bystanders were bearing brunt of war“. On other hand China’s position on Russo-Ukraine conflict remain unclear as they chose to abstain from voting altogether even though their own foreign ministry stressed importance maintaining sovereignty over disputed territories such as Crimea which had been annexed by Russian forces during Ukrainian crisis last year.

Reactions To The Resolution

In response to passing this resolution , Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said: “This is another step towards de-escalation & restoring our sovereignty & territorial integrity… We will never give up!” Meanwhile US Secretary State Anthony Blinken said United States would continue support diplomatic efforts ensure full implementation Minsk agreements which are meant bring an end hostilities between two sides. He also added US does not recognize annexation Crimea by Russian forces & sanctions will remain place until these actions reversed .


The move by United Nations to pass resolution calling on Russia withdraw its forces from Ukraine shows strong global support for Kiev amid ongoing conflict with Moscow over past year . It remains unknown whether or not Russian authorities will comply with demand but one thing certain is world watching closely see if situation finally resolved peacefully or otherwise more bloodshed come way .