The big BTC-ECHO reader survey with prizes worth over 30,000 euros

2020 is an exciting crypto year behind us. Reason enough to record the status quo and close the year with a short reader survey. Our goal is to capture the mood for the latest trends and developments in the industry and thus to develop a comprehensive picture of the scene.

One of our guiding principles at BTC-ECHO is: Without the community, everything is nothing. With this in mind, we would like to create an opinion barometer on the crypto-economy. For this purpose, we have designed a reader survey that covers the most important Bitcoin Bank. But don’t worry: the survey will take no more than five minutes and great prizes will be waiting for you at the end.

Every vote counts and every vote wins

In order to make your participation – besides the ideal contribution that you make – palatable, we have selected numerous prizes together with our sponsors. The best part is: every vote wins. If you complete the participation, you will receive a guaranteed bonus from us, even if you are not lucky in the raffle for the main prizes.

We were able to win well-known companies and players from the crypto industry as sponsors. The sponsors include:

They all provided exciting prizes for the survey. Overall, we come to prices with an equivalent of over 30,000 euros.

Why is this reader survey so important?

With your participation you help to bring important insights into the crypto-economy to light. The results of the survey can serve as an important guide for people and companies trying to further develop our crypto-economy. So if you are interested in developing better and better crypto services to your liking, then you can now actively contribute.

Which aspects are decisive for you when buying cryptocurrencies? What do you pay attention to when storing your tokens? And what motivates you to use individual crypto services? Let us know for just five minutes of your time.

Result of the survey

You can take part until December 20th, 2020 11:59 p.m. We will then notify the winners of our numerous main prizes. But as already mentioned: Nobody who answers the survey to the end goes away empty-handed. Of course, we don’t want to withhold the results from you either, which is why there will be a detailed evaluation in January. There we will then aggregate, anonymize and respond graphically to the most important results. So much can be revealed: Crypto compass readers are informed of the most important results even without looking at our homepage.